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Our Leaders

Welcome to Tabernacle where we love God and God's people. This is the place where God is worshiped and honored through relevant messages and music that is centered in His word. This is where you can build an appreciative, affectionate, and authentic relationship that will last for years to come. Our mission and mandate is to become more like Jesus everyday. We want to live in a way that demonstrates how much God loves us by extending his compassion, his care, and his certainty locally and globally. All of this while still maintaining our family and fraternal appeal. Please know that we love you and welcome you here at Tab Nashville!

- Pastor Darin & Lady Adriann Freeman 

" I love Pastor Darin and Lady Adriann because they are engaging spiritually as well as naturally. They love God, have fun, get tired, and still know how to say no. They aren't perfect but they are balanced. It's a blessing to see them display such behavior without being conceited and untouchable. I love them and my tabernacle family wholeheartedly."


Keith Barrett jr, Music Department 

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