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TBC Dance Ministry

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Vision of the Dance Ministry

Vision of the Dance Ministry Dance Ministry serves as a conduit for people to feel empowered and free to worship God in new and creative ways. Dance Ministry is not about “entertainment” for the church audience, but it is about expressing a message in worship to an audience through one body.

Dance is an art form that requires athleticism, discipline, cooperation, technique, passion, and creativity. By providing skilled instruction in a spiritually based environment, all members of the Dance Ministry will grow and reach their full potential. It is our desire that all dancers grow to their full potential under the anointing of God and are confident in the gifts that God has placed within them.

Dance is, at its core, a form of communication, and can be used for many purposes in Christian ministry. These purposes include praise, worship, teaching, evangelism, prophecy, intercession and warfare. The presence of dance helps to build an atmosphere where the congregation can enter into the presence of God, and, ultimately to bring souls to Christ.

Within Doxology, your ministry service will include responsibility and/or participation in media, wardrobe, acting, props, and choreography. You will tell a story with your work. There is always a message in the movement. Use your testimony and leave your heart on the pulpit.

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